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These shakers not only have a beautiful design, but they are fully customizable and are made especially for you.
Choose your own color for these modular shakers!
Thanks to the handy spout, you no longer need a funnel to pour your stones back into a bag or container, just remove the plug and pour!
A separate color can be chosen for each part.

The shaker trays are available in 3 sizes (size includes the funnel):
Small: 10x5x1.5cm
Medium: 11x8x1.5cm
Large: 20x10x1.5cm

Material: PLA
Maintenance: Wash the container with water that is not too hot (possibly with a little soap) and dry well.


Due to the many possible combinations of this tray, you need to add each part separately to your shopping cart!
So add a shaker, lid and plug to your order!

With 3D printing, slight imperfections sometimes occur, which do not affect the functionality of the shaker tray.

When you choose the Rainbow Silk color, keep in mind that every shaker, lid or plug looks different in terms of color composition. Due to the color of the filament on the spool, each shaker, lid or plug will have a unique color composition. We have no influence on the color combination.

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Shaker Rounded
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