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Own Photo / Custom Diamond Painting

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 Would you like to have your own photo converted into a Custom Diamond Painting? That is possible with us!

This is possible with round or square stones in the desired size.

Do take into account the amount of detail on your image and therefore also the size and proportion. Are you not familiar with having a Diamond Painting made and what dimensions are involved? Then just contact us and we will look together at your wishes and what is possible. You can also contact us for size advice or to see if an image is suitable for a Diamond Painting.


How does it work?

Very simple:

Select the size of your Diamond Painting and whether you want it in round or square stones.

When you have paid, send us the photo that you want to have converted. This is allowed via email or whatsapp, please mention your order number.

We will get started with your Diamond Painting and as soon as it is ready you will receive a message from us with the track & trace code.

Make sure you choose the right size, after ordering and production the Diamond Painting cannot be exchanged.


Delivery time

about 4 weeks

Customer reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very satisfied

I ordered a personalized design. There was 1 thing in the original design that I would have preferred to change, and they quickly corrected it. They even left out the letter B, because otherwise it would be too confusing with an 8.

Jinke de Boer-de Vries

Pretty clear.