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Elf on branch

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Stone shape
Stone type

Diamond Painting of an elf on a branch

Number of colours

square standard: 30 colors
square AB: 32 colors (of which 4x AB)
round standard: 30 colors

square standard:
square AB: 32 colors (of which 3x AB)

Other wishes?

Do you prefer this Diamond Painting in a different size, or do you want a different type of stones?

That is also possible!
Just contact us and we will arrange it.

Complete package

You can get started right away with a Stone by Stone Diamond Painting.
You will receive a complete package from us!

A package contains:

*All necessary stones
*Shaking tray
*Grip bags


Netherlands FREE

Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Sweden €4.95

Customer reviews

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Linda Lucke-van Noort

Now I have been able to order 4 beautiful diamond paintings with ab stones. Looks very good and if anything. They are happy to help you here. Really great service. Can't wait to start with the beautiful diamond paintings.
Sincerely, Linda Lucke-van Noort